Pallet Buyer's Checklist

Pallet Buyer's Checklist

Pallet companies seldom use the same rigorous quality and inventory systems that pallet purchasers are familiar with when buying other products. Paying attention to what’s happening is the key to getting what you pay for, here are some things to watch:

  • Number of pallets received equal to number of pallets invoiced
  • Lower grade lumber or a cheaper species used instead of required grade
  • Pallets not stenciled or branded as requested
  • Undersized lumber used
  • Shorter nails or fewer nails than quoted
  • Pallets delivered to supplier to put under load for delivery should be as quoted

Pallets should be subject to the same quality controls accorded other products and services. Given that most companies have rigorous receiving control policies, the pallets received should not be treated lightly.

At the end of the day, reputation does matter. It is important to do business with pallet companies that have solid quality assurance programs and a reputation for delivering the pallet as specified.

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